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  • 2016/11/9

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service hotline0752-5310841

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Hunuo carefully weigh every detail, to promote the implementation of product differentiation!

To master the core technology

Independent research and development team,
Master the core technology products

Gate at the core of the transmission part by their own technology research and development team;
After years of testing and improvement, 3 million trouble-free operation can be realized under normal use;

Can be made according to customer's actual demand, personalized features;

And for the movement and other vulnerable parts with reserves for a long time, once appear, fault timely replacement,
Minimize the impact on customers.

Brand accessories advantage
Big brand accessories,
Equipment performance

Emphasis on excellence in product quality from the details of the accused, important parts adopt domestic and international famous brands,

The infrared correlation inductive components from the United States honeywell, the international quality, stable performance and reliable;
With high sensitivity, induction detection speed, strong adaptability to environment and susceptible to interference and other significant advantages.

Intelligent processing software

Personalized software system,
Achieve channel intelligent control management

The mechanical, electronics and microprocessor control and various identification technology organically integrated,

Equipped with a variety of identity recognition system equipment and reliable performance of safety protection, alarm device, directions, LED counting, swipe video capture,

Convenient compatible with IC card, ID card, bar code verification, fingerprint, iris, etc all kinds of reading way,

Multiple recognition methods, to provide you with civilized, orderly traffic and the safe and efficient management.

Environmental display

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Company profile

Hui zhou Bestech Preclsion Part Co.,Ltd.,which was found in march 2007,specialize in mading precision metal stamping parts and metal stamping dies which are widely used in automotive industry,electronic appliances,telecommunications services,motor deep


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