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Metal stamping technician|The Number:不限 Apply
Job responsibilities:
1 according to PCB design requirements and hardware engineers to complete the work of PCB board;
2 be responsible for Layout PCB preliminary work
3 cross examination and confirmation of PCB output file
4 to help solve the problems encountered in the production of PCB
5 responsible for technical data preparation, technical original records, technical files and archiving ability

Job requirements:
1 communication or electronics related major.
2 have more than two years of experience in layout PCB, digital board, power board, RF board PCB design experience;
3 proficiency in the use of PCB/PROTEL /ALTIUM POWER/ and other design software
4 proficiency in the use of C language and assembly language project design;
5 proficient in single-chip products, familiar with power electronic systems, analog, digital circuits and microcontroller peripheral circuits
6 familiar with embedded Linux platform C development
7 familiar with /MTK STM32 / Qualcomm embedded software development (C language)
8 responsible for the work, can bear strong work pressure;
9 team spirit and professionalism, fast learning ability and good communication skills.
10 have battery, test, equipment and other industry experience is preferred

|The Number:不限 Apply

|The Number:4 Apply

|The Number:5 Apply